Capital Preservation

Driving investment portfolios through sound property acquisitions and letting is the basis of our work. It is the intimate work done behind the scenery that drives our success.  Our clients are not looking for glamour investments but desire preservation of assets via tax strategies, deferments, unrealised gains and wealth optimisation, often times in boring property investments. If you desire sexy, luxury holdings, then contact us and we can refer you to some of the most visible investments in the world. Otherwise, your investment will be pooled with other investors who are not looking for cocktail conversations.

Portfolio Optimisation

Real estate optimisation and diversity protects our assets from vigourous market swings whilst providing steady growth.  Our value-oriented, investment portfolio includes oil and gas, medical complexes, commercial centres, second-tier sporting venues, storage facilities, apartment houses, development projects and whatever else is the flavour of the day.

Never stand still.

The best in the business know how to stay ahead of the curve, knowing what’s ahead.  We read the signs and we act.  Preparation, knowledge and proven methods all give way to our recognition that creative and opportunistic moments rarely come along and are just that: a brief, microcosm of a moment.  It is in those moments in which we do our work.



Next steps…

This is not a solicitation for investment.  Any display of circulars, photos, advice, support or suggestions are informational in nature only and may not represent actual investments. Our clients are aware that even real estate-leveraged investments carry risk and have no guaranty of success.

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